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                            WHO ARE WE?

WE ARE a consultancy that specializes in Advice, counseling and the execution of Construction Projects that focuses on keeping the energy inside the Building Shell. We want to help you design and then help you build the Green Shell for your Building.

We are not dreamers and theoreticians. We are hands on seat of the pants school of hard knocks practitioners of the building shell that we believe will become the dominant way to build in the future.

Frank Lloyd Wright said “The Field is the best teacher.”   That is where we learn what really works.
The Welcome photographs shows our crews in the field putting together real projects.  Not computer animations.  Not just Architect show pieces but projects of all scales.  Not just the pretty views but the nitty gritty work of erection and integration of a better way to build.

For those in the building trades and familiar with the jargon we are “Rough Carpenters”.  We provide the labor to erect the shell.  But not just the perimeter of the project.  Since the Walls are structural and load bearing it makes sense that we do the complete structural frame of the building- inside and out. And like the traditional Rough Carpenter we install the windows and exterior doors.  The Nail gun is silent.  We use a screw gun with roll fed screws.  All the fasteners are metal self-tapping.  A new way to put together a building.  The neighbors like the quiet.  No loud compressors and the machine gun popping of nails.  The screws are part of the complete structural system.  They tie the wall panels together and help give it its composite strength. 

Since there is no tradition of building with Metal Structural Insulated Panels…YET. We hope to change that. The first part of our mission is to educate.  We have to teach the Construction Sector of the efficacy of this system.  How did we learn?  We got our feet wet.  We dived in.  We fell flat on our face.  We got up and figured out a better way.  5 years of erecting GREEN SHELL buildings has taught us a lot. And we are always learning and improving on what we know.

We believe fiercely in the superiority of the patented 40 plus year track record of the THERMASTEEL panel. Please check out their website and print out the PDF’s of the benefits of this product.

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